Certified Assessors

The companies listed here are certified assessors of the Climate Standard logo system. This means that they abide by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, have their footprints audited by the Climate Standard body, use Climate Standard approved emissions factors in their calculations, and sell carbon credits that adhere to strict international certifications.

For more information on how you can calculate your organisational footprint, please contact one of these companies:


Climate Africa Carbon Management

info@climateafrica.co.za | tel: +27 (0)21 813 6642


The Carbon Report

Teresa Legg

Tim James

info@sustainableIT.co.za | +27 (0)21 403 6411


Neutral Futures

Celia Smit



Go Green Consulting

Greg Seymour

Jeanne van Heerden

carbon@go-green-consult.com | +27 (0)72 4835714


Earth Patrol

Stephen Scrimgeour | stephen@earthpatrol.co.za


If you are a carbon management company and would like to explore opportunities of adopting the Climate Standard, please read more about doing so here.